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Таблица с неправилните глаголи в английския език с изговор и превод. (https://www.english-trainer.net/help/index.php?doc=12 )

Wild animals and insects


Future tense

Too - enough

Weather - Exercises

Too - enough - Exercises (https://www.agendaweb.org)

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Question Tags ( Въпроси с "нали")

e-Test - Question Tags 1 (Iskra Petkova)

e-Test - Question Tags 2 (Iskra Petkova)

e-Test Question Tags 3 (Iskra Petkova)

 Articles - a/an, the

 Articles - a/an, the  Test 01 -  (И. Петкова)    

Articles - a/an, the  Test 02 (И. Петкова) 

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  1. A lot of, a few, a little, much, many
  2. Past Simple-questions (Минало просто време - въпросителна форма)

  3. Past Simple-negative (Минало просто време - отрицателна форма)

  4. Something/ anything/ nothing  

  5. Many, much, few, lot, plenty  ESL fun Game

  6. Some any no none quiz  ESL fun Game

  7. Irregular Past Tense ESL Grammar Jeopardy Quiz Game

  8. Food Partitives ESL Fun Game – Food Quantities Game

  9. Past Simple, Irregular Verbs, ESL Grammar Interactive Monkey Fun Game Activity


  • Present Simple

  • Present Contunuous


Present Continuous - What is Mr Bean doing?

  • Present Contunuous

Present Continuous with Mr Bean - Spring Clean https://youtu.be/pDGcOBuHgYo

PRESENT PROGRESSIVE WITH MR BEAN - https://youtu.be/nTeGorY3rg4

Mr Bean ( Present Continuous ) YouTube - https://youtu.be/0aUJBR7oZeg

Past Continuous / Past Simple (exercise)




Past Continuous/ Progressive



  • Past Continuous vs. Past Simple


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English Past Simple vs Past Continuous ( Exercises from www.englishteststor.com)





Past Simple of "be"


I was / wasn't We were /weren't Was I ...? Were we.... ?
You were / weren't You were / weren't Were you? Were you...?
He/ She/ It was /wasn't They were / weren't Was he/she/it .....? Were they...?



Was or Were (Exercises)



Animals.ppt, Worksheet  .doc   (Iskra Petkova)

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  • The environment